Is it possible to settle back taxes with the irs without hiring an attorney or accountant?

If you have the money to pay the IRS, or are likely to have it in the future, no negotiation will convince the IRS to settle with less than you owe. This is true whether you represent yourself or hire an expensive law firm. If you haven't been able to file a tax return for a previous tax year, an IRS help attorney will handle it. Can a tax attorney file my taxes? Yes, they can.

However, people usually only hire tax attorneys when they need to file back taxes. If it's just a statement from the current year, an accountant might be a better option. Known as tax settlement firms, these entities claim that they can dramatically reduce or eliminate what the customer owes the IRS. Several red flags should warn potential customers who are considering hiring a tax settlement firm.

You may want to contact a tax attorney if you are facing any of the following tax situations or problems. Below are some of the benefits of using a tax relief lawyer, the typical situations in which it can be used, and the tax solutions they can help with. You should seriously consider hiring a tax attorney or other tax resolution professional if any of the following factors apply to you or your company. If you owe back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service or have another tax situation that you need to resolve, contact an attorney who can help you overcome this stress.

Many people who have tax problems wonder if working with a specialized tax attorney near them is the right solution. However, you may need to meet additional requirements, such as filing future tax returns and keeping up with your future tax obligations. Compare that information with any information provided by a tax settlement company to ensure that you have received the correct information before deciding whether or not to hire the company. Most tax settlement firms promise to send their experts to the IRS to negotiate on behalf of the client, where they will presumably be able to persuade the agency to accept a much smaller amount, often a penny on the dollar.

You can search for them based on your experience with different tax issues and tax resolution methods. When choosing a tax attorney, look for someone who has experience with your particular tax problem, as well as with the resolution method you want. A good tax attorney with experience in concessions can evaluate your tax and financial situation to determine your ability to qualify and provide you with alternative resolution options if you don't qualify. For example, if you need to go to tax court, you need an attorney with experience representing clients in tax courts.

The number of customers who get satisfaction from tax settlement companies is negligible and most are practically in financial distress.

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